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Security awareness on any campus can be an expensive and daunting challenge, and especially because the risks can come from employees, faculty, and even students.

When it comes to awareness training, our Secure In 60 Seconds program could be your best yet smallest investment ever:

  • More than 40 individual short videos covering campus and personal security awareness.
  • Use them as your main awareness program or as a supplement to your existing program.
  • Teach awareness as often as you like – annually, weekly, even daily – to every single audience and at no extra cost. That means employees, faculty, leadership, even the entire student body.
  • No future training costs or budget. Once you own the program, there are no future annual costs and licensing fees. That alone could save you thousands.

While most of the focus is on campus security awareness, the series includes many personal security topics too. We believe that if you include personal topics in awareness training, the training becomes more personal and relevant, and more likely to create or change lifelong habits.

Check out this branded example of a campus phishing video. Use of the logo is for example only.

Campus Topics

  • Preventing phishing attacks (2 episodes)
  • The most common phishing baits to look out for.
  • Campus phishing attacks.
  • Data protection.
  • Good email security practices.
  • Password managers.
  • The importance of privacy.
  • The threat of ransomware
  • Good password practices (2 episodes)
  • Business email compromise attacks.
  • Preventing malware risks.
  • Why security awareness matters (2 episodes)
  • Social media security tips.
  • The most common security awareness mistakes.
  • Preventing data breaches.
  • Security away from campus.
  • How data ethics can help.
  • National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (2 episodes).
  • Security orientation for new students (2 episodes).
  • Alerts for recent security incidents (2 episodes).
  • Changing your campus password for the first time.
  • Using 2-factor authentication.

Personal Topics

  • Personal security tips.
  • Identity theft.
  • Robocalls.
  • Senior scams (2 episodes)
  • Victim stories (2 episodes)
  • Interview with a fraudster (2 episodes)
  • Zelle fraud (2 episodes)
  • Banking online.
  • Credit freezes (2 episodes).
  • Credit card versus debit card.
  • TikTok and privacy risks.


As with all our training, all episodes can be branded and customized for your university or college.


We recently added a series of incident-specific videos – videos branded with your logo that appear to come from your security team and alerting everyone on campus to a recent or current attack.

It could be an active phishing campaign, a surge in ransomware, a recent data breach or other incident. Whenever there’s an incident, pull the most appropriate short video from your collection and start pushing it out.

  • To supplement your existing awareness training.
  • To help launch an awareness program.
  • As a part of a new campaign.
  • As your entire awareness program.
  • As part of a response to a recent incident.

Everyone in your community is impacted by cybercrime, scams, and fraud. Why not help to protect your entire community, and win big for your university, by making your collection of branded videos available to everyone in your community. Learn more.


The entire 60 Seconds collection (40 videos and growing), costs just $4,500, which includes your logo and message added to every video. That’s a perpetual license, meaning you own those videos forever. You can host them on your LMS, or share them openly through your YouTube channel.

There are no additional fees or costs, no annual or user fees, and the price includes all future updates.

Which means that apart from things like phish testing, you probably won’t have to find annual budget for security awareness training ever again.


About The Instructor

Neal O’Farrell is widely regarded as one of the longest-serving cybersecurity experts on the planet, 40 years and counting. He got his very first introduction to cybersecurity in 1980, on a college campus, where a fellow student introduced him to his first password-stealing software.

He’s advised multiple governments, was member of the Federal Communications Commission’s Cybersecurity Roundtable, and has been behind some of the nation’s most ambitious security awareness initiatives. Meet him.


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