60 Seconds For Your Community

When it comes to preventing cybercrime and scams, and maintaining awareness and vigilance, your local community is little different to a campus.

So we thought – what if you were to make your collection of Secure In 60 Seconds videos available to your entire community so they could benefit from the same expertise?

Not only a unique opportunity to create a nationwide awareness campaign centered around local universities and colleges, but great for your organization too.

Here’s why we think it could be a game-changer for everyone who cares about security awareness:


It’s a great PR and leadership opportunity

It’s such a creative and valuable community giveback (everyone’s vulnerable to scams). And because there’s nothing proprietary in the training and it can be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, there’s no security risk.

It helps make awareness matter.

When you make awareness personal – to the individual, to their family and friends, to their local community – you’re much more likely to get broader buy-in and in turn, improve awareness.

It makes awareness more of a cause and less of a chore.

When you start turning security awareness into a bigger and wider cause, a fight for everyone, you’re also much more likely to increase interest and traction.

It could help after an event.

It might help your university in the event of a security breach because it shows that your commitment to security awareness goes far beyond just checking a box.

It’s a free gift to alumni.

You could also share the videos with alumni and their families and networks, further increasing the reach of the campaign. And who knows, maybe even increase donations.

It could help local businesses.

Your local Chamber of Commerce would make an ideal partner in promoting the program to the community. Their members, typically small businesses, are as much a target as anyone else, but typically don’t have the budget for training. So you’d be doing them a huge favor too.

It could benefit local schools.

You could even make it available to cash-strapped local school districts, to raise awareness amongst staff, teachers, even students and parents, and even inspire a new generation of security professionals.

It’s great for cybersecurity students.

If your campus offers or plans to offer any education programs around cybersecurity, what a great way to promote your leadership on the topic and to give students some real-world experience.


If the idea interests you and you’d like to know more, please contact me at neal(at)thinksecurityfirst.co or use this form.