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This free 6-minute video focuses on a very different type of message to help your audience make a more personal connection to the subject of security awareness.

That it’s more than simply rules and policies. That the simple mistakes we can all make can have very human consequences far beyond a security or privacy breach.

The video is free for everyone. You can download and host on your LMS, your YouTube or Vimeo channel, or anywhere else, and you can have your own logo added to the opening at no cost.

If you’d like your logo added to the opening, email me at neal@thinksecurityfirst.co. A simple image of the logo (jpeg, gif, or png) will work fine, and no high resolution or EPS files are needed.

A white or transparent background to your logo would be helpful but not essential.


Click here to view, download, and use a version without a logo.

Click here to view and download a non-NCAM version that you can use for your awareness training all year round.



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