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In case you haven’t already heard, employees like you are key to defending the workplace, and even the world, from cybercriminals and fraudsters. What the Irish like to call blaggards.

And even better, playing your role couldn’t be any easier. A simple, uncomplicated mixture of understanding your security policies, practicing just a handful of routine good security behaviors, and common-sense vigilance.

That’s it. Who knew crime fighting could be this easy?


Cybercrime will soon be costing all of us collectively more than $1 trillion every month, every 30 days.

Personal crimes like fraud and identity theft are already costing more than $1 billion every 30 days.

The two are connected. The data stolen in data breaches, breaches that often result from a single mistake by an employee, is sold and traded on black markets and then used to commit fraud and identity theft that impacts consumers.

As if the crimes weren’t bad enough, there’s all the other collateral damage. The fines, the disruption to business, the impact on brand, reputation, and trust, and so much more.

Much of the money made by the cyber criminals through these crimes is used to fund other crimes, from drug trafficking to human trafficking and even terrorism.

Simply being more engaged, more vigilant, more in this fight, you can make such a difference to all of this.


Only because you deserve the very best, meet the no-nonsense, straight-talking Irishman who’s been fighting cybercrime and identity theft for longer than anyone else on the planet – 40 years and counting.

He’s advised governments, won awards, interviewed cybercrooks behind bars (sometimes even in bars), led the nation’s fight against identity theft, testified against cyber crooks, and helped trigger the creation of the first child credit freeze law.

He’s taught security to every kind of audience imaginable, from the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, to the National Association of Secretaries of State, to the next generation of cybersecurity warriors, and he desperately wants to be your personal Chief Security Awareness Officer. Meet him.


There are 10 lessons in this course and all our lessons are standalone videos, no special tools required. Just click on a link to get started.

– First Things First, Why Your Vigilance Is So Crucial To This Fight. View.

– Hear what A Real Cyber Criminal Has To Say. Coming Soon.

– Get Phamiliar With Phishing. View.

– Safe And Secure Data Handling. View.

– Safe And Secure With Social Media. View.

– Safe And Secure Outside The Office. View.

– The Connection Between Security And Privacy. View.

– The Power Of Good Passwords. View.

– Preventing Data Breaches. View.

– Fighting Malware. View.

If you’d like to see what this course looks like in a learning management System, complete with quizzes, statistics, results, and certificates, please contact us.

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