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“Hi and welcome to the video collection that I call Secure In 60 Seconds. And I gave it that name for a very important and simple reason.

Most of the scams, frauds, and cybercrimes we encounter every day can be spotted and avoided in as little as a second. As long as we slow down, know what to look out for, and know how to respond.

And it only takes around a minute to learn those skills – like how to spot a Zelle fraud, how to freeze your credit, how to protect seniors from scams. what a phishing email looks like and so on. Security and fraud awareness doesn’t take much time or work. In fact, I’ve always maintained that in order to beat the most sophisticated cybercriminals on this planet, you really only have to do two things:

  1. Learn a handful of good security practices.
  2. And remember them when you need them.

And that’s it.

Most of these videos are a little over 60 seconds long. They’re non-technical and very easy to understand and apply. There are more than 40 videos in the collection so most of the security and fraud answers you’re looking for are probably right here.

There are also plenty of videos for the workplace and for school and even university. So make sure you don’t just use them but that you share them.

If you run a business and your employees need free security awareness training, then this is the place to come. All the key workplace security awareness topics are covered in this training, and already being used by hundreds of businesses and universities.”

Neal O’Farrell, founder of Think Security First!

 Topics include:

  • Why security awareness matters.
  • Security awareness in the workplace.
  • Spotting and avoiding phishing attacks.
  • What is spear phishing?
  • Preventing ransomware attacks.
  • Protecting your school from cyber threats.
  • Good password practices.
  • Why workplace security policies are there.
  • Safe data handling.
  • Good social media practices.
  • Security out of the office.
  • Security at home.
  • The importance of privacy.
  • Spotting and avoiding BEC scams.
  • Preventing identity theft.
  • Preventing Zelle and other P2P scams.
  • Protecting seniors from scams.
  • Protecting a small business.
  • Stopping robocalls.
  • What are 2FA and MFA?
  • Debit card versus credit card?
  • Why banking online is safer.
  • What are credit freezes?
  • The top mistakes cybercriminals are anticipating.
  • Using password managers.
  • Celebrating National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.
  • Celebrating Data Privacy Day.
  • Interviews with real cyber criminals.
  • The stories of real victims.
  • A career in cybersecurity.

Check them all out here.

Meet Your Expert

Neal O’Farrell is not just a security powerhouse around the world, he’s also made a big difference across the bay area.

More than 20 years ago he launched Think Security First! – a unique program in Walnut Creek where the entire city focused on cybersecurity and fraud awareness for an entire year.

More than a decade ago he founded the award-winning Identity Theft Council in the bay area, helping thousands of victims and training dozens of police departments.

He helped the Secret Service secure an interview with one of America’s most notorious identity thieves, in jail in Sonoma of all places. He served as an expert witness in a first-of-a-kind identity theft case brought by the San Jose District Attorney’s office. And helped make California the first state in the country to introduce a credit freeze for children. Read his full bio.