Our pricing approach is as simple as it is compelling. You buy the training course and you own it, forever, but we can host it and at no extra cost, and keep it fresh and updated for years.

The bottom line? Your organization gets a world-class expert who delivers compelling, engaging, and branded security training as often as you want it to as many employees as you have, and for just a few dollars a day.

Includes all of the following

The Complete Package

A complete security awareness course narrated and presented by Neal O’Farrell, consisting of 10 videos for total runtime of just over 60 minutes.

Identity Theft

An additional 25-minute course that explains to employees the connection between data breaches in the workplace, and the biggest consumer crime in America: identity theft.

Bonus Lesson

Our course includes a unique interview with a notorious cybercrook to give employees a different perspective on security and data breaches.

Three Years of Updates

The package includes three years of upgrades, updates, and new videos every quarter so your course is always fresh and current.

Executive Training

The package includes a separate 20-minute security awareness course just for your executives and board members, with a focus on phishing.

Free Hosting

If you can’t host the course on your own LMS, we can host it on ours and with tracking, reporting, quizzes, and certificates of completion.

Cost: $5,000 including updates and hosting


Includes all of the above plus

Multiple Roles

Includes 9 role-based variations of the course – for new hires, admins, legal, accounting, supply chain, marketing etc.

Protecting The PII

A unique 60-minute course for heavy data users and focused on understanding and protecting personally identifiable information or PII.

A Focus on Data Ethics

The packages includes a short lesson on how data ethics can contribute to better security and privacy.

Cost: $15,000 including hosting and updates



[dropcaps form=”square” color=”#7dcded” fontcolor=”#ffffff”]I[/dropcaps]f you’re a smaller firm or prefer to pay annually or by employee, we have a very comprehensive pay-as-you-go training portal.

All our pay-as-you-go training can include, quizzes, certificates, tracking, and reporting, and we can generate these reports quarterly, annually or on demand.

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If you have any questions, or would like to see a demonstration of any of our training, please contact Neal O'Farrell at neal (at) Or call him at (925) 914 0248 EST.