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Pricing To Make You Smile

Whether you have a campus audience of 500 or 50,000, if you can’t afford to reach and teach them constantly security will always be more challenging than it needs to be.

We thought we’d change that with a fixed pricing model. So it will now cost you the same no matter how many users you want to teach or how often you want to teach them.

Our entire platform, including awareness training, a phishing simulation platform, as many push alerts as you want, 50+ videos, and even your own dedicated and branded security portal, all for a little more than $600 per month.

No matter how many users you choose to enroll (faculty, staff, and students), how often you train them, how many phishing campaigns you run, or how many alerts, reminders, and nudges you send out, the cost is the same.

So whether you have an audience of 500 or 50,000, you can maintain the highest level of awareness around the clock for around $20 per day.

No Annual Awareness Budget?

You can own our collection of more than 50 awareness videos for one small fee and no annual licensing. And we’ll even brand and customize them at no extra charge.