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A gift every stressed client will appreciate

Of all the gifts you could offer your security clients, the gift of a little Peace of Mind might be the most appreciated.

This 12-minute hacking stress segment will introduce your security clients to the best news about the stress that can come with the security job, and one of the simplest ways to get a grip on it.

All branded with your logo and contact information and at no cost.

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“I spent 40 years in cybersecurity, in some very challenging environments, and the stress nearly killed me. So I killed the stress.”

Neal O’Farrell, creator of Hacking Stress!

Stress in cybersecurity is real, but it's not inevitable.

That’s the message we want to get out to security leaders and professionals everywhere, and hopefully with your help.

We’ll give you this short video, branded with your logo and call-to-action message, and it’s free for you to share and use as you choose. But however you use it, we think your clients will appreciate it.

A Free And Cobranded 20-Minute Webinar For Your Clients

We’ll do a free 20-minute webinar with you, just for your clients, that will dig even deeper into the reality of stress in cybersecurity, and the dozens of science-supported ways to tame it.

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Meet Your Host

He spent forty years in cybersecurity and the stress nearly killed him. So he killed his stress.

Now he’s building psychological and emotional resilience for communities around the world.



If you’re interested in offering this free branded video to your clients, or a free 20-minute webinar on managing cyber stress, contact me at neal(at)thebrainisphere.com, call me at 925-914-0248, or use the form below.

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