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These might be the most important lessons your teens ever take

If you’re a teen today, your tomorrow can look uncertain, frightening, even a little bleak. Our next generation is going to need all the right tools if they want to thrive in a very uncertain future.

Luckily, those tools are all in their head. If the science has it right (and trust us, the science has it right), the 15 or so pillars of optimum brain health could also help set your kids up for the best possible life.

Help to improve not only their brain health, but their mental and emotional health, and their physical health.

And even contribute to greater career and life success, and greater happiness and meaning in life.

What teen doesn’t want all that? And yet it’s about little more than adopting a handful of routines, habits, and values.

And we’ve created a simple program that will teach teens (and you) how to take advantage of these simple ideas.

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The Brainisphere?

The Brainisphere is nothing more than a lifestyle, a collection of simple habits and choices based around the 15 Pillars of brain health, how those brain health habits can trickle down to every corner of your life, and how to turn them all into simple daily routines that can:

Optimize brain health, which is key to a long and productive life and central to all other health.

Improve mental and emotional health, a major challenge for many teens.

Improve physical health which in turns improves brain and emotional health.

Help with career and life success, which in turn can also contribute to better emotional health.

Help make life happier and more meaningful, which is what most of us really want anyway.


In Just 5 Minutes

The creator of the Brainisphere explains the science behind the idea, and why he believes that no teen should go into adulthood without this incredible skillset.


Check out our new Brainisphere course

We created an online course that will teach you and your kids all about the Brainisphere, the science behind it, and how to tap into all its great benefits

To celebrate our launch, for a limited time we’re offering lifetime access for the entire family for just $99.


Brain health matters to everyone.

We’re living in the age of the brain, and the realization that a good brain health plan is not just key to longevity, but to enjoying the best and most fulfilling life along the way.

And even better, how much control we can exercise over our brain and brain health through little more than our habits.

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