The Coming AI Crime Spree


Let’s talk about why AI is already accelerating all kinds of crimes, and especially cybercrimes, scams, and fraud, and what you can do about it.

Ask any seasoned cybercriminal, like I have, if so much of our information is already on the dark web because of the tens of thousands of data breaches, why aren’t we all victims of identity theft many times over?

The answer you’ll probably get is that there simply aren’t enough thieves.

Criminals have openly acknowledged that while there is so much stolen information to choose from, it takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to sift through all of it, join all the dots, and start committing fraud on a larger scale.

Then AI came along. AI tools are now helping to solve all those problems for crooks, and according to one expert “fostering a deadly combination of automation and higher accuracy.”  Which will mean more attacks, more believable and costly attacks, and more victims.


  • The current state of cybercrime, scams, and fraud.
  • How AI is already making crimes easier to launch and harder to spot.
  • The growing threat of deepfakes.
  • The most vulnerable populations – kids and seniors.
  • How to protect yourself and others.


This presentation can be given in person or online. If delivered online, a full recording of the session will be available afterwards just for your audience.

The suggested duration is 45 minutes, but it can be extended to 60 minutes.


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Separating hype from fact is crucial to any discussions about the growing role of AI in crime, and on this page we discuss some of the ways AI is already changing cyber attacks, scams, and fraud.


Neal O’Farrell is widely considered to be one of the longest-serving security experts on the planet, 40 years and counting. He’s advised half a dozen governments, has led the fight against identity theft for more than 20 years, and started his career by taking on the NSA in what became known as the Crypto Wars. Meet Him.


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