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Looking for a compelling topic and speaker?

Treat your employees and audience to a brain and life-changing conversation, and arm them with a skillset that can set them up for the best possible life.

Neal not only brings decades of experience and insights, but a unique personal style and delivery that will keep your audience riveted.

He’s spoken to audiences in more than fifty countries, keynoted in Las Vegas, and spoken at the headquarters of Facebook in Palo Alto California.

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Brain Hack!

Why every human should learn to hack their own brain if they want to unlock the best possible life

If the science is right, learning how to hack your own brain, to take charge of its many layers, could be the key to unlocking the best possible life. This talk will explain how, and why you don’t need to be a hacker to try it.

Optimize brain health
Optimize mental and emotional health
Optimize physical health
Improve career and life success
Tame stress and anxiety
Find happiness, meaning, and balance

So how can Brain Hack help?

It’s about understanding the key pillars of the Brainisphere and how to control, direct, and apply them.


It can maximize your brain health which is key to overall health and longevity.

It can help to manage stress and other forms of negative thinking patterns.

It can help you to be less cynical, judgmental, and angry.

It can significantly improve mental and emotional health and to help with depression and anxiety.

It's great for physical health and pushing you to the best exercise and diet options.

It can help to ward off cognitive decline like dementia.

It can keep your brain working at its best, helping with things like focus, attention, memory, and decision making.

It can help you to be calmer, happier, and more optimistic.

It can help you to be more productive, creative, and engaged at work.

It can help you to minimize the risk of numerous physical illnesses.

It can help you to strengthen relationships and forge new friendships and social connections.

It can make you more popular and likeable.

It can help connect you with nature, spirituality, values, and purpose.

It can help you to build self-confidence and self-esteem, which in turn unleash their own benefits.

It can help to motivate and guide you to achieving the right life and health balance.


“Neal received our Highest 2019 Attendee Satisfaction Survey Results. 95% Overall Value and 93% Education Value. Huge.”

The Silicon Valley Business Travel Association

“I am delighted at how the presenter openly and unapologetically discussed his personal experiences with mental health. “

“I love Neal's story and how he's been able to pivot to find joy in his life again. Great presentation!”

“I strongly recommend Neal as a speaker!

“The content and information he shared made it seem easily adaptable to my life and working through challenges I face. “

“Neal has the courage to broach a difficult topic, leveraging his own experience, and make potentially complex content very easy to understand.”

“His delivery is compelling, and he had my interest throughout the entire presentation.”

“The event today was extremely beneficial and provided awesome information with immediate action steps to reduce your stress levels.”

“What a much-needed self-improvement session. The content covered all aspects in improving difficulties in your life including stress management. “

“Lots of useful ideas with backed science behind them. I look forward to attending his talks again in the future.”

“Great communicator, found the information that Neal shared to be very relevant and practical. Only complaint was that the one-hour session was too short. Highly recommend!”

“I really enjoyed Neal's presentation today about Taming the Emotional Chaos in a Disrupted World. “

“Neal O'Farrell is great presenter and he helped give me great tips on how to better myself!

“So many people suffer from anxiety, depression, etc., and this just helps to reinforce with people that they are not alone. THANK YOU!!!!!”

``Attending Neal’s talk was very enlightening and hit the spot on ways we endure stress.``

“Thank you for your amazing and truly relevant content in today's environment which is heavily impacting Mental Health.”

“Neal has again hit it out of the park by making the mental health topic personable with his storytelling skills. His dry humor also helps! ``

“Neal’s honesty and self-reflection on his experiences helped remove any stigma around the conversation; resulting in excellent audience participation including sharing their concerns, stressors, and coping mechanisms. Thank you Neal!”