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A key ingredient in security is constant reminders

Most security is about little more than remembering to remember – being vigilant at the time it really matters. That’s where our regular reminders can make such a big difference.

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Only training your employees occasionally or even annually is of little benefit and can often hurt you. It won’t improve security or awareness, it won’t reduce risks and threats, it won’t meet compliance requirements, and it could even hurt you with insurance claims.

Once your employees enroll in our training, we can opt them in to receiving monthly email tips and reminders to help keep their awareness fresh and their vigilance engaged.

This can include reminders about:

  • The tell-tales of an attempted fraud.
  • How to spot and dodge a phishing scam.
  • What to look for in a synthetic identity fraud.
  • The best password habits.
  • Protecting sensitive information.
  • How to read the behavior of a scammer.
  • The importance of privacy.
  • The latest scam variations and tactics.

And we can do one better!

At no extra cost we can make security awareness a daily thing (because fraud is a daily thing), and send a simple, short, one-line tip or reminder to your employees once a day. An easy yet powerful way to remind them to be vigilant when it matters.


We’d love to share more about who we are, how we can help, and why we know so much about these threats and challenges.


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