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Nearly ten years ago, Neal O’Farrell produced the documentary In The Company of Thieves, the first such documentary to go explore the world of identity theft through the words of identity thieves, victims, and prosecutors.

The documentary was widely used by law enforcement for training, including the Secret Service, and was selected by a major film festival in the Netherlands.

All seven episodes of the documentary are below and great for teaching your employees, customers, members, and local community that identity theft is still a top scam.

Episode 1 – Meet Ray

Described by law enforcement as one of the most dangerous identity thieves in America, he wasn’t arrested once in 20 years. Until he set foot in California’s wine country.

Episode 2 – Ray, part 2

Sitting in a jail serving many years for more than 70 felony convictions, Ray explains what it’s like to be an identity thief, the amount of work that goes into the job, and what motivated him.


Episode 2 – Meet Angela

She spent more than 30 years in identity, specializing in mortgage fraud, working for the Hells Angels and Mexican cartels, and never spent a night in jail.