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Hacking Stress: The Talk

The Hacking Stress Talk is a great way to introduce your team to some serious and practical conversations about stress in cybersecurity.

It can be delivered either on site or remotely (Zoom, for example), and running for either 60 or 90 minutes.

And the content can also be made available afterwards as a series of short videos that explore in more detail each of the topics discussed.

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What We'll Cover

A quick overview of my background - in security and stress.
Why there's so much stress in cybersecurity, and beyond the obvious.
Why stress is such a major personal and security risk.
Understanding the psychology and biology of stress.
Why overthinking is our greatest human strength and weakness.
Why understanding the difference between stress and stressors is so important.
The many ways stress can harm your health and career.
The 30+ evidence-based ways you can tame stress.
Why the techniques for managing stress can make everything else better too.
Using the DAM System to do a "threat inventory" of stress.
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When 60 Minutes Just Isn't Enough

We know that the stress that can come with a career, and even a lifetime, in cybersecurity won’t be changed with a 60 or even 90 minute presentation.

That’s why, for no extra cost, we’ll extend the program to 12 months. That means 12 months of regular nudges and reminders, regular check ins, and ongoing exercises.

And your team will have access to Neal at any time to ask questions, get more help, or find additional resources and support. A powerful way of reminding your team that you’re not simply going through the motions.