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[block_title inner_style_title=”only_text” padding_desc=”20%” title=”FREE CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING FOR HIGH SCHOOLS”]Whenever a client purchases our security awareness training, we’ll donate a high-school version of that training to a school or school district chosen by the client.[/block_title][button title=”WHAT YOU’LL GET” link=”https://thinksecurityfirst.today/security-awareness-for-high-schools/” align=”center” button_bool=”yes” button_2_title=”WHY WE DO IT”][media image=”3242″]

High schools and school districts are just as vulnerable to cyber attacks as everyone else, but rarely have the same options when it comes to defending against those attacks.

What they also have in common with everyone else is that often the best defense is vigilant and aware users – employees, faculty, and students. That all comes down to good quality training, as frequently as possible, and thanks to our new program, that’s now free.

[block_title inner_style_title=”only_text” padding_desc=”20%” title=”A GIFT THAT PROTECTS EVERYONE”]The simple act of donating our training to a high school could help reach, teach, and protect an entire community, and for years to come.[/block_title]
[block_title style=”column_title” title=”WHAT THE SCHOOL WILL GET” second_title=”Free Training Forever”][/block_title]

The selected school or district will get a complete copy of our Secure In 60 Seconds video training series, 35 videos in total, that can be used to regularly train staff, teachers, students, and even parents in the fundamentals of cybersecurity awareness and fraud prevention.

The collection will include videos focusing specifically on high school cybersecurity challenges, as well as a video that encourages students to think about a career in cybersecurity.

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[block_title style=”column_title” title=”A SPECIAL PROJECT FOR STUDENTS” second_title=”Help Stop Senior Scams!”][/block_title]

As a way to get students interested in this topic, we’ve created a unique project that will make cybersecurity relevant, personal, and a mission.

It’s called Stop Senior Scams, and students will be encouraged to use the training to learn how to teach their grandparents to protect themselves from scams that now cost seniors more than $3 billion every year.

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[block_title style=”column_title” title=”IF YOU’RE THE DONOR”][/block_title]

When you purchase our Secure In 60 Seconds awareness course, you’ll get two copies.

The first copy can be used to constantly train your employees, or they can be shared publicly – with the families of your employees, with your customers, and with your entire local community.

The second copy can be donated and both can have your logo and branding throughout. So your simple gesture could help protect many communities and generations. Learn more.

Ideal for High Schools

  • All the videos are short, engaging, non-technical, and even fun, and suitable for employees, teachers, students, and parents.
  • They can be used for annual training, for monthly, weekly, or even daily reminders, or pushed out in response to a recent incident or surge in a specific type of threat.
  • The videos cover both workplace and personal security and fraud topics, so there’s something for everyone.
  • There are videos on frauds and scams, identity theft, protecting seniors and the elderly, choosing and using password managers and much more.
  • There are videos addressing ransomware and phishing attacks most commonly targeted at high schools and school districts.

And there are even videos that encourage students to consider cybersecurity as a career.

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