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Don't be tempted to just check the box

“Check-the-box” security can be tempting but not effective. It does little to improve security, it can create a false sense of security, and it can increase legal exposure.

That’s what separates our training from everybody else.

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As a dealership you’ll have lots of security training options. Just make sure that you choose wisely.

We believe that our training sets itself apart from any of our competitors for a number of important reasons:

  • Training that’s specifically for auto dealerships and not simply repackaged generic training.
  • Training that’s engaging, persuasive, and ultimately, behavior changing.
  • Training from one of the most experienced and credible experts on the planet.
  • A long history of experience and success in both cybercrime and fraud prevention.
  • A deep knowledge of how dealerships operate and what they really need.
  • Training that’s sufficiently frequent that the messages stick and work when they’re needed most.



We’d love to share more about who we are, how we can help, and why we know so much about these threats and challenges.


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