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AI is changing everybody’s world, and that includes criminals. Cybercrimes, fraud, and scams have never been easier to launch or harder to spot. We all need to up our game.


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We’ve identified more than a dozen different ways that AI is already being used to make it easier to launch sophisticated and large-scale attacks.

Those attacks are increasingly difficult to spot and it’s about more than just deepfakes.  Learn More.

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AI has the power to eventually make victims of us all, and some of the stories can be heartbreaking.

Many victims have lost thousands of dollars, some hundreds of thousands, one lost $35 million. It can happen to anyone, and it is. Learn More.

[block_title style=”column_title” title=”WHAT YOU CAN DO” second_title=”TO PROTECT YOURSELF?”][/block_title]

Fighting the rise in AI crime means that we all have to take greater responsibility, get more involved, add more layers of security, and be more vigilant.

In short, more of everything you’ve been told about for years. Our free videos will help.

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If you’re interested in learning or teaching about the growth in AI-assisted crimes, check out our longer  (8 minute) video here.


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He’s widely regarded as one of the longest-serving cyber security experts on the planet, 40 years and counting.

He served on the Federal Communications Commission’s Cybersecurity Roundtable, advised half a dozen governments, and led the fight against identity theft for more than two decades. Meet Him.

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