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Feb 15th 2024

Massive utility scam campaign spreads via online ads

The utility scam often works by threatening and scaring victims into making poor decisions. An unpaid bill, or an offer that is too good to be true and must be accepted immediately are some of their tactics. Once you’ve made that phone call, you’re already in their hands and very close to losing a significant amount of money. Read more.


Feb 15 2024

Hackers ‘steal your face’ to create deepfakes that rob bank accounts

Group-IB researchers reported on a new hacking technique in which a threat actor uses social engineering to steal the victim’s facial recognition data to then create deepfakes to gain unauthorized access to a victim’s bank account. Read more.


Feb 11 2024

The Psychological Effects of AI Clones and Deepfakes

Concerns range from misuse to the potential impact on reputation and identity. From Psychology Today.


Feb 8th 2024

FCC votes to ban scam robocalls that use AI-generated voices

The Federal Communications Commission said Thursday it is immediately outlawing scam robocalls featuring fake, artificial intelligence-created voices, cracking down on so-called “deepfake” technology that experts say could undermine election security or supercharge fraud. Read more.


Feb 8th 2024

Deepfake Porn Is Political Violence

CARA HUNTER, A NORTHERN IRISH POLITICIAN, WAS ONLY WEEKS away from the country’s 2022 legislative elections when she received a WhatsApp message from someone she didn’t know.

The man quickly asked her if she was the woman in an explicit video — a 40-second clip that he shared with the then-24-year-old. Opening the video, Hunter was confronted with an AI-generated deepfake video of herself performing graphic sexual acts. Within days, the false clip had gone viral. Read more.


Feb 8th 2024

New Research Shows A 704% Increase In Deepfake “Face Swap” Attacks From The First To The Second Half Of 2023.

A report from biometric firm iProov warns that “face-swapping” fraudsters are increasingly using off-the-shelf tools to create manipulated images and videos. Read more.


Feb 8th 2024

The Majority Of Scams In The United Kingdom Are Traced To Meta Companies

Research shows that 60% of reported UK scams originated from just three platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The two most common types were Investment Scams, where individuals are promised “get-rich-quick” opportunities in exchange for “investing” large amounts of money, and Purchase Scams where people are conned into buying items that don’t exist or aren’t as advertised. Read More.


Feb 4th 2024

Multinational Firm Loses $25M in Elaborate Deepfake Scam Impersonating CEO and CFO

The elaborate scheme involved scammers employing advanced deepfake technology to convincingly impersonate key company figures in a video conference call, ultimately tricking an employee into making significant unauthorized transfers.

The perpetrators meticulously recreated the company’s chief financial officer and other participants, making the entire video call, except for the targeted employee, a digital fabrication. Read More.


Feb 2nd 2024

How audio-jacking using gen AI can distort live audio transactions

IBM’s Threat Intelligence team took LLM attack scenarios a step further and attempted to hijack a live conversation, replacing legitimate financial details with fraudulent instructions. All it took was three seconds of someone’s recorded voice. Read More.


Jan 29 2024

‘Mother of All Data Breaches’

26 Billion Records Leaked, Users of LinkedIn, X, Venmo And More Panic Over Increased Cybercrime Risk. Read More.


Jan 28th 2024

ByteDance Instant AI Voice Clone Sparks Fraud Concerns

ByteDance, owned by TikTok, has created powerful new software that will allow its users to instantly change their voice into another person’s using generative AI technology, and can perform real-time conversion of anyone’s voice into the cloned voice using a “single utterance of speech from the voice they are imitating. Read More.


Jan 23rd 2024

AI Will Make Scam Emails Look Genuine, UK Cybersecurity Agency Warns

NCSC says generative AI tools will soon allow amateur cybercriminals to launch sophisticated phishing attacks

The NCSC, part of the GCHQ spy agency, said in its latest assessment of AI’s impact on the cyber threats facing the UK that AI would “almost certainly” increase the volume of cyber-attacks and heighten their impact over the next two years.


Jan 26th 2024

Report Unveils Emerging AI Challenges In Financial Crime

66% of financial industry respondents perceive the use of AI by criminals as a growing cybersecurity threat, encompassing risks like deepfakes, sophisticated cyber hacks, and generative AI-driven malware. More from Insurance Business.


Jan 26th 2024

Deepfake Explicit Images Of Taylor Swift Spread On Social Media

Pornographic deepfake images of Taylor Swift are circulating online, making the singer the most famous victim of a scourge that tech platforms and anti-abuse groups have struggled to fix. Read More.



Recent research found that roughly a third of all businesses have reported being victimized by deep fake voice scams and deep fake videos. And nearly half of all businesses reported falling victim to synthetic identity theft, where thieves combine real and fake ID information to create totally new and artificial identities.


Three years ago, before the recent huge advancements in AI and in one of the biggest cases so far, a bank manager was fooled by a deep fake voice message into transferring $35 million to the account of a cyber crook. The scam was well planned because the crooks had previously sent fake emails to the bank, impersonating the client, and letting them know about the transfer in advance.


A year earlier, scammers used a deepfake audio of a CEO to con $243,000 from a U.K.-based energy company. After the money had been transferred, it was forwarded to an account in Mexico and then other locations, making the identification of the fraudsters impossible.


In 2023, a well-known security expert was able to use just a couple of seconds of staffer’s voice to trick employees at the 60 Minutes program into handing over the passport number of one of their correspondents. According to the security expert, it took less than 5 minutes to create that scam.


In 2023, NBC News reported viewing dozens of videos using computer-manipulated images and audio of well-known celebrities including CBS News anchor Gayle King, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and HBO host Bill Maher —  all falsely claiming Musk had invented a technologically advanced investment platform.


A Canadian couple lost nearly $10,000 to scammers who used a deep fake conversation with whom they believed was their son and who claimed to have been in an accident and needed money wired urgently to pay for bail and legal bills.


Actor Tom Hanks had to release a statement warning that the video of him promoting dental plans that was circulating on social media was a complete fake. But the fake was so good many people seemed to have a hard time telling that it wasn’t really Tom Hanks.


Similarly, TV host Gayle King also had to issue public statements warning her fans that a very convincing video of her promoting a new weight loss product was a deepfake that was manipulating both her face and voice. Even with the denial, many of her fans didn’t believe that it wasn’t her.