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Think Security First was first launched 20 years ago as an experiment to raise the security awareness of an entire city. With the expected surge in AI-assisted cybercrime, scams, and fraud, that message and focus has never been more important.

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While AI is not expected to generate any new types of cybercrime or fraud any time soon, it is expected to dramatically accelerate existing crimes.

And it will do so by introducing a level of scale, accuracy, and plausibility not seen before.

That means more criminals, more crimes, more sophisticated crimes, and more victims.

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One of the many tools we have to fight against AI crime is HI – human intelligence. And especially consumer awareness, vigilance, engagement, and habits.

That’s why much of our focus is on the psychology of crime. The psychological drivers and strategies of the criminals. The psychological response of consumers, and why they’re not as engaged as we need them to be. And the psychological impact on victims.

Our generation-to-generation project is an example of that.

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We’ve created more than 50 short videos that distill more than four decades of experience fighting crimes and criminals down to short, often just sixty-second nuggets.

Just enough to learn about a major risk, a few good habits to avoid that risk, and a reason to come back often for a quick reminder and refresh.

Our videos are human videos. No actors or drama, no cartoons or stick figures, just Neal and his direct, honest, to-the-point, non-technical and sometimes a little irreverent style. And a solid Irish brogue helps too.


Neal O’Farrell is widely considered to be one of the longest-serving security experts on the planet, 40 years and counting.

He’s advised half a dozen governments, has led the fight against identity theft for more than 20 years, and started his career by taking on the NSA in what became known as the Crypto Wars. Meet him.

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