Think Security First! Contents

Think Security First! Contents

Think Security First! is more than a book. It's an oracle, a mantra, and a treasure trove of knowledge gathered from fighting cybercrime and identity theft around the world for more than four decades. 


  • 35 chapters and 275 pages of expert, battle-hardened, and easy-to-use advice.


  • Updated constantly to stay freshand relevant.


  • Your one-stop resource whenever you have a question or concern about security, identity, or privacy.


  • A great gift for customers, members, employees, family and friends, even the local community.


What's Inside
Chapter 1

America Was Made For Identity Theft

Chapter 2

TSF Book Cover SmallThe Different Types Of Identity Theft

And What You Can Do About Them
Chapter 3

Why So Much Identity Theft?

Blame It On…Everything
Chapter 4

12 Myths About Identity Theft

And Why It’s So Important To Debunk Them
Chapter 5

Why Are We Losing The Battle Against Identity Theft?

10 Good Reasons
Chapter 6

Know Your Enemy

12 Traits Of Highly Successful Identity Thieves
Chapter 7

Date Breaches And Identity Theft

Close Cousins And Dangerous Liaisons
Chapter 8

The Fake, Fake You

The Growing Mencae of Synthetic Identity Theft
Chapter 9

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

The Growing Menace Of Medical Identity Theft
Chapter 10

The Tax Thief Cometh

Protecting Your Identity At Tax Time
Chapter 11

The Most Vulnerable Identity

Protecting The Elderly From Identity Theft
Chapter 12

Keeping Your Kids Safe

From Identity Thieves, Data Stealers, Predators, And Themselves
Chapter 13

Small Is Beautiful – To Identity Thieves

Protecting Your Business From Identity Theft
Chapter 14

An Inside Job

Protecting Your Identity In The Workplace
Chapter 15

Home Sweet Home

Protecting Your Home From Identity Theft
Chapter 16

Grinch This!

Avoiding Identity Theft During The Holidays
Chapter 17

From Princes To Skimmers

Avoiding Common Scams And Frauds
Chapter 18

On The Road Again

Avoiding Identity Theft When Traveling
Chapter 19

You Click. Therefore You Lose

The Menace Of Phishing Attacks
Chapter 20

Credit Monitoring, Freezes, And Alerts

Similar, Different, Important
Chapter 21

Hackers And Hacking

A Brief History
Chapter 22

The Hacker’s Favorite Tool

Understanding The Scourge Of Malware
Chapter 23

We’ve Got Your Data. We Want Your Money

The Growing Threat Of Ransomware
Chapter 24

Preventing Identity Theft

15 Simple Choices
Chapter 25

Dawn Of The Zombie Refrigerator Apocalypse

Protecting Your World From The Internet Of Things
Chapter 26

Hackers In Your Pocket

Why The Smallest Devices Are The Biggest Target
Chapter 27

PSST! What’s Your P@$$word?

The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of The Still Essential Password
Chapter 28

Guarding The Candy Store

Hackers and The Wealthy
Chapter 29

Do What We $@Y!

The Growing Threat Of Cyber Extortion
Chapter 30

We Are At War

The Global Cyber War And Your Role In It
Chapter 31

50 Free Security Tools

Keeping Your World Safe, Secure, And Secret

Chapter 32

Helpful Resources 


Chapter 33

Personal Security Checklist 

Chapter 34

Small Business Security and Privacy Checklist


Chapter 35

Business Travel Security Checklist