Small Business

Contrary to popular belief, small businesses are just as big a target for cyber crooks and scammers as big business.

And numerous studies over the last years back that up:

  • Nearly half of all data breaches are at small businesses.
  • Nearly half of small businesses with fewer than 50 employees have no cybersecurity budget.
  • 90% of attacks on these businesses result from human error.

And the lack of a comprehensive security awareness training program can have other long-term effects on small businesses:

  • It may impact their ability to accept credit cards.
  • It can make it harder and more expensive to obtain cyber insurance.
  • And it can make it harder to obtain approval as a vendor for larger organizations or government agencies.

By making the entire Secure In 60 Seconds collection available to your local small businesses, you’re not only helping to protect them, but you’re helping them to grow their business and at the same time save them money.


Check out this short video on the most common small business cybersecurity risks