Security Awareness For High Schools

Last year, more than 80% of high schools in America were hit with some kind of ransomware attack.

The cost of these attacks range from $50,000 to more than $1 million per incident, money schools can’t afford, and attacks usually best defended by better security education, awareness, and vigilance.

And it’s about more than the cost to the school. The often highly sensitive and personal data stolen in these breaches can victimize students, teachers, staff, and even parents for years to come.

When it comes to awareness training, our Secure In 60 Seconds program is the ideal solution for cash-strapped schools:

  • Provides a free awareness program for an entire school district.
  • Helps teachers to better understand the daily security risks in any school, and how to spot and avoid them.
  • Teaches essential security habits to students and teens so that they can become second nature and maybe even a lifetime of good habits.
  • Encourages teachers, staff, and students to share the videos with their families too, further increasing their reach and benefit.

You can either host the videos on your own site or YouTube channel, and share the link. Or you can donate an entire copy of all the videos, with your logo and branding, and the schools can host them internally or on their YouTube channel.

Check out one of our videos specifically for high schools