Protecting The PII

Protecting the PII is a specialized security and privacy training course for heavier users of sensitive personal or consumer information, otherwise known as personally identifiable information or PII

Whether they’re engineers and developers, data analysts and scientists, or your marketing and sales team, if they come into contact with significant amounts of PII as part of their daily routines, they need to fully understand the risks. And their enormous responsibilities.

Protecting the PII is a non-technical online training program, delivered through a collection of short and engaging videos, that will help to navigate these team members through the increasingly choppy waters of the secure, private, and ethical handling of PII.


  • Why security and privacy are more important than ever, and how they’re changing and evolving.
  • Understanding the most common security and data-handling risks and mistakes, and how they can turn into data and privacy breaches.
  • Know your data – getting familiar with the different and evolving definitions of personally identifiable information or PII.
  • An introduction to some of the most important privacy laws and regulations, including CCPA and GDPR.
  • The role of Privacy by Design in respecting and protecting PII.
  • The growing role and importance of data ethics in maximizing the protection of PII.
  • How to safely collect, use, share, and dispose of PII.

Protecting the PII is delivered as a collection of 8 separate videos, totaling just under 60 minutes, and shorter, more abbreviated versions are available. You decide how much training is just right. Just a handful or the complete course, every so often or constant refreshers.

The training was designed to ensure that any single short lesson can provide valuable insights and help to change behavior, even in isolation from any of the other lessons. And we can host the entire course on our LMS, free of charge, and provide regular reporting on which employees have completed which lessons.

Quizzes and a certificate of completion are also available.


We also have a version focused specifically on the security awareness challenges and needs of fintech firms, established and startups, and the vital role employees can play in protecting them.


We offer a number of options for getting your training up quickly and effortlessly:

  • You can upload and host the videos on your own LMS.
  • We can host them on a dedicated domain, at no additional charge.
  • We can host the videos on our own LMS, at no cost, and provide detailed reporting of which employees have accessed and completed the lessons.
  • We can also include short built-in quizzes to make sure all employees really complete each required lesson.


  • Ultra affordable, for even the smallest budget, with no licensing fees no matter how many employees or how often they take the training.
  • Nothing canned, generic, or cookie-cutter, but highly focused training specifically for the security and privacy challenges of high PII users.
  • No actors, drama, cartoons, or stick figures, but an engaging, compelling, and award-winning expert with decades of real-world experience.
  • Comes with a dedicated LMS, that we host free of charge, to provide comprehensive tracking and reporting.
  • Branded throughout to make it more engaging and relevant.