Peace of Mind

The Gift of Peace of Mind

Let’s face it, just about everybody worries about cybercrime and identity theft.

Whether it’s losing your identity to a thief, protecting your kids from online dangers, avoiding scams or frauds, or protecting your business from a costly data breach, identity theft and cybercrime have impacted consumers and business owners for more than a decade:

  • Studies from Pew and Gallup have shown that identity theft and cybercrime are the top worries and fears for consumers, even more than things like terrorism, Ebola, and even death.


  • Identity theft has been a top complaint to the Federal Trade Commission for 15 years, and still claims more than 1 million new victims every 30 days.


  • Small businesses are now considered the top target for professional hackers.

And a 2018 study by employee benefits leader Unum found that more than a quarter of employees ranked identity protection as one of the top preferred workplace perks.

That’s why the gift of peace of mind is so precious and will be so welcomed. Experts agree that the best protection against all these threats is our own education, awareness, and the decisions we make.

And that’s the role of Think Security First! The book is already being used by all kinds of organizations to protect and engage their audiences, from Bartlett Wealth Management in Cincinnati Ohio, to the CPA Firm Management Association.

You can have your own branded and custom edition too, as a constant reminder that you care about protecting your audiences from these risks.

Use the book:

  • As a thank-you to your customers or members.
  • As an employee perk (remember that more than a quarter of employees cite identity protection as a top preferred perk).
  • To engage new customers and members.
  • As a thank-you to your community.
  • To spread your brand and name - if everyone gave a copy to someone else, think of how much safer we'd all be.
  • As a way to generate leads and new business.



If you're interested in learning more, contact Neal O'Farrell at or call him at (925) 914 0248.

"Neal is passionate about this subject and you can see that in the way he presents the material and the assistance that he offers to clients and non-clients alike. I highly recommend him..."
Helen Szterenfeld, Conference and Marketing Manager, BKR International.

"Your messages on cyber security were excellent (and scary) and truly aligned with the needs of the audience. Moreover, your energetic presentation style was infectious. Thanks again for presenting such an enjoyable session."
Debbie Warner, Vice President, Education & Career Services, IMA (Institute of Management Accountants)

“Bottom line? Neal O’Farrell knows what he’s talking about."
Brett "GOllumfun" Johnson, co-founder of the Shadowcrew carder forum and former US Most Wanted Cybercriminal

"When we asked the FBI if they could recommend an expert on identity theft, they unequivocally recommended Neal O'Farrell. They said if we couldn't get him in person, get on the phone and have him call it in. He's that good."
Wealth management firm, California