Want to be a hero to your local community, and beyond?

If you’re an MSP or MSSP, chances are most of your clients have or should have quality security awareness training. Even if they can’t afford it.

We have a program to help your clients enjoy some of the best and most affordable security awareness available, and be part of a major community and schools awareness initiative that will win them (and you) lots of fans.

Here’s How It Works

  • When your client purchases our training (highly affordable and with zero annual cost), we’ll provide a free copy for their entire community. Learn more.
  • That includes a free K12 edition that your client can donate to their local school district (a great PR move even on its own).
  • Your client can make the training, which includes small business and personal topics too, available to the families of their employees, to local small businesses, even to their local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Because all the training includes your client’s logo and branding, it could have a positive impact on their community and brand for years.
  • And we can even host it on a dedicated and branded site. See a sample.

5 Good Reasons

  • Your clients will get high quality, engaging, and effective security awareness training, at very low cost, that will serve them for years.
  • They’ll be helping to protect their local high schools from increasingly costly cyber attacks.
  • They’ll be promoting a student-led security project that will encourage more teens to think of cybersecurity as a career.
  • They’ll be helping to protect seniors and the elderly from the crimes and scams that cost them more than $3 billion every year.
  • Because our training also covers the most important personal security topics, your clients could be the heroes that help their entire community to protect themselves from all kinds of scams and frauds.

And if you want to purchase the training for your own clients, or give it away as an incentive to attract new clients, that’s an option too.

A Gift To Your City

We’re currently working with a number of cities on a pilot project that would make cities the gateway for community security awareness. And all because of a donation by someone like you.

When you or a client purchases our training, we’ll make the same training available to your local city. So not only can the city save money on employee security awareness training, they can also provide that training, push it out, to the entire local community. Residents, businesses, and schools.

And all of those videos will have your logo and welcome message. Finally, security awareness as a municipal service, and all thanks to you.

A Great PR Opportunity

We think our unique offering – providing free security awareness training for everyone, protecting local schools, inspiring a new generation of cybersecurity professionals, and protecting our most vulnerable citizens – is a great story for any community.

And a great way to establish your firm as the go-to experts for local media outlets on a variety of security topics. It’s all about setting yourself apart from the thousands of other vendors competing in your space, and we can help you do that.

Or You Could Provide The Training

If you own the training, branded with your company, you can either offer the training free of charge to all your clients as a thank-you, or to new clients as an incentive or lead generator.

Or you can charge your clients for awareness training as a service. And because you don’t pay us any ongoing fees, everything you earn, you keep.

And it won’t hurt your reputation by reminding your clients that their employees are being taught by one of the longest-serving security experts on the planet. Or at least this planet.



"Much more cost-effective than KnowBe4."

“In a very short period of time, this approach has proven effective at reducing the number phishing related incidents we are responding to and has proven much more cost-effective than KnowBe4.”

Patrick W. Gonzalez, Director of Information Security & Compliance, Morehead State University