In A Nutshell

The idea behind Secure In 60 Seconds is very simple and based on decades of experience into how consumers, employees, and small businesses learn how to avoid cyber threats, scams, and frauds.

As cyber threats and scams continue to soar, and likely only to get worse because of advances in AI, history has told us that one of our best defenses is our own vigilance.

And that’s best achieved in two easy ways:

  • A handful of good and routine security habits.
  • And finding ways to remember those habits when they’re needed most.

And that’s why short, to-the-point messages, repeated regularly, are the best path to security. And even better if those messages are delivered by a recognized and credible expert who’s been fighting these scams around the world since they first emerged.

Each of the 40+ videos is around just 60 seconds, more or less. They’re punchy, to the point, and even include a little humor to help make them more engaging and human.

Longer versions of the videos are also available if your audience needs a deeper understanding of a particular topic, and subtitles are also available on every video at no extra charge.