Secure In 60 Seconds not only presents a unique opportunity for your credit union to protect your entire community, but it’s also a great way to build tremendous brand awareness and goodwill.

Once your logo and messaging are on every video, there are many different ways you can use them:


  • Internally, you can use them to constantly maintain security awareness amongst your own employees, and save money on security awareness training.


  • You can create your own security portal, hosting and sharing the videos with members and your local community, 24/7.


  • Push the videos out, perhaps by inviting your members and your local community to sign up an email reminder with a new security video pushed out once a week or once a month.


  • Or whenever a new threat or scam emerges or spikes, you can quickly push out an educational video on that threat.


  • You can make the training videos available to your entire local small business community, training owners and employees on these critical awareness topics, protecting their livelihood, and also saving them money.


  • You can make the videos available to all your local media outlets, so they have high quality content to broadcast whenever the next security story breaks.


  • And perhaps most important, you’ll be allowed to donate an entire copy of the collection of videos to your local schools or school district, to teach staff, teachers, parents and students about these important topics, and to help protect the schools from growing cyber threats.