Whether it’s sextortion or romance scams, the two most vulnerable populations are teens and seniors. But engaging both populations in discussions about fighting cybercrimes and scams can be challenging.

History has shown that busy teens have little time for or interest in fighting scams and frauds, which makes protecting them so much harder.

But what teens are not passionate about protecting the wellbeing of nanny and pappy?

Our Gen2Gen program encourages kids and teens to learn everything they can about cybercrime and fraud for one simple, urgent, and highly personal reason. To protect their grandparents from falling for these often devastating and life-changing scams.

Teens need a motivation, a reason to put down their phones and take up arms, at least figuratively, against threats they feel they have a natural immunity to.

By turning teens into champions of security for their grandparents, both generations win. In order to teach their grandparents how to spot and stop these scams, teens have to learn how to spot and stop them themselves.

And yet another reason to encourage teens to spend more quality time with their grandparents.