Free Assessment

Free Security Assessment

In spite of all the focus on high tech tools to manage personal cyber risks, one of the powerful and effective solutions for consumers is as simple as a checklist.

Audit Cover 03By regularly asking (and answering) some tough questions about their current security posture, habits, and choices, consumers can easily remind themselves of what their vulnerabilities are and how to address them.

Our self-assessment checklist was created to help high net worth consumers do just that.

  • The abbreviated version consists of just 30 simple questions (the longer version has 150 questions).


  • Each question includes a checkbox so users can easily determine which precautions they’ve already taken, and what things they have yet to change.


  • And each question comes with a brief explanation so users understand why that choice matters to their security and privacy.

The assessment is free and confidential. It’s in PDF so it’s easy to use and share, and it doesn’t collect or store any information.


Looking for something more personal?

We can completely customize and brand the assessment, and all our other content, for a very small fee. As this branded content is shared by your clients, it became a powerful marketing and referral tool.

Contact Neal O’Farrell to learn more and see a branded sample.