Employee Security Awareness Webinars


You probably already know that your employees are considered your weakest link, and especially by hackers and cyber crooks targeting your firm directly or using your firm as a backdoor to your clients.

That’s why continuous employee security awareness training is so important - as long as it’s not just any training.

Cookie cutter, mass-market, off-the-shelf employee security awareness training is not sufficient, because it fails to address the unique challenges of protecting highly targeted high-net-worth clients.

Our program solves that problem, by giving your employees live and on-demand access to one of the most experienced and compelling security experts and one of the few with years of experience protecting high net worth classes.


Our online training program runs for approximately 45 minutes and addresses all the key security awareness issues including:


  • Why affluent and high-net-worth families are such a big target, and for reasons other than the obvious.
  • What the crooks are really after and what tactics they’ll use.
  • The threats of phishing and spear phishing and how to spot them.
  • How to safely handle confidential and sensitive information.
  • Understanding and avoiding Business Email Compromise attacks.
  • Managing the risks of social media.
  • Understanding malware and ransomware.
  • Smart password habits.
  • Protecting yourself outside the office.
  • Managing mobile risks.
  • How to talk to your high net worth clients about security and privacy.
  • Personal security and privacy tools you and your clients should always be using.


Our webinars are delivered using GoToWebinar, which means three important things for your firm and employees:

  1. Our webinars can be easily accessed by all your employees, from the office, home, or wherever they have internet access.
  2. Our live webinars are recorded and so will always be available for refresher training or for new hire orientation.
  3. You pay once but you have access forever. Once your unique webinar has been recorded, all your employees have password-protected access for as long as they need and at no additional cost to you.