Introducing our proprietary security and privacy self audit

One of the most important steps in protecting your security and privacy is to figure out where you might already be vulnerable, prioritize the security and privacy concerns that matter to you, and find a way to regularly remind yourself of those essential routine precautions.


Audit Cover 03This is where our Security and Privacy Self-Audit comes into its own. The audit is a self-powered risk assessment that enables you to ask the important security and privacy questions a good expert would want to ask.

The audit consists of approximately 150 questions covering a variety of key topics including:


  • Your security and privacy fears and priorities.


  • Your family and home.


  • Computers and devices.


  • Mobile security.


  • Email and text communications.


  • Data protection and secrecy.


  • Identity protection.


  • Social media.


  • Password habits.


  • Online and surfing habits.


  • Employees and advisors.


  • Phishing, malware, and ransomware.


By checking the relevant boxes, you’re reminding yourself of the security precautions you’ve already taken.

What’s left are either the gaps you missed or the risks that don’t matter. Along with explanations.

Please contact Neal O'Farrell at (925) 914 0248 for a complimentary copy.