About The Book

About The Book


TSF Book Cover SmallJust imagine if you could protect yourself, your family, your business, and even your community from cybercrime, identity theft, and privacy risks - AND give kids in foster care the hope of a brighter future? And all with just a book?


This is our cunning plan


  • Identity theft, cybercrime, and privacy have been the top fears for consumers and businesses for more than a decade (according to Gallup, Pew, and dozens of other studies).


  • Think Security First! is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use guides to address these fears.




Think Security First! is not just an essential and invaluable security tool for customers, members, and employees, it’s also a great gift everyone can share with and protect their customers, co-workers, and even family members. By sharing the book, they’re also sharing your organization and brand. Learn more about our branded and customized edition just for your organization.



  • Available in PDF format and a small file size to make it easy to download and share.
  • Covers identity theft, malware, hacking and hackers, organized cybercrime, tax fraud, ransomware, passwords, data breaches and everything in between.
  • Interviews with some of the most notorious identity thieves and cybercrooks.
  • Real life stories of cases, victims, and criminal schemes.
  • A list of more than 50 great security and privacy products that are absolutely free.
  • A Personal Security Checklist.
  • A Small Business Security Checklist.
  • A Business Travel Security Checklist. 


Supporting A Worthy Cause

If you choose to get a branded and customized edition of Think Security First! for your organization or business, you're also helping to support Foster Warriors, Neal's non-profit program to help foster teens and adults pursue studies and careers in the world of cybersecurity, give foster kids real role models of their own, and help remove the stigma and shame of the word foster. Learn more.


Meet the Author

NealCUNeal O'Farrell is one of the most experienced, respected, and longest-serving security and privacy experts, with nearly four decades of global experience. He founded the award-winning non-profit Identity Theft Council a decade ago, in partnership with local credit unions and banks. More than 20 organizations participated in the founding, including nearly a dozen credit unions and community banks, Visa, the US Postal Inspectors, the Secret Service, FBI, and numerous consumer groups.

Neal is former member of the Federal Communications Commission's Cybersecurity Roundtable, a Fellow of the EP3 Foundation, author, blogger, documentary maker, and advisor to dozens of security firms. Learn more about him.